Received the President’s Award at the 3rd Business Startup Contest!

Received the President’s Award at the 3rd Business Startup Contest!

Feb. 21, 2022

We are pleased to announce that we participated in the 3rd Business Plan Contest for Business Startup sponsored by the Osaka Shinkin Bank.

Seven companies were selected out of 135 applicants, and the final judging was held on Thursday, February 17.

As a result, we received the President’s Award (Grand Prize)/ in the Founding Division!

The presentation is available at
“Revolutionizing Medicine and Industry with Fine Bubble Technology That Won’t Disappear After 10 Years!”

We made a presentation on our proprietary technology “NanoGAS®”, which is also used in the transplantation solution of the Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Study Group.
Each slide was filled with the pride of Japanese craftsmanship and the hopes of the doctors who are working to make intestinal flora transplantation a new medical treatment. We presented our presentation with all our hearts, hoping that as many people as possible will learn about “NanoGAS®” and understand it more deeply.

The presentation of the day is available on the Osaka Shinkin Bank’s YouTube page.

The first presentation, 24 minutes after the start, is by Symbiosis.

00:24:00 Presentation by Symbiosis Corporation (Presentation approx. 7 min, Q&A approx. 3 min)
04:56:00 Award Address

▼ Learn more about our NanoGAS® technology here.

We will never forget our gratitude for the recognition and will continue to promote our project that our foam technology using only air and water can live in harmony not only with our intestinal environment but also with all the bacteria on the earth. Thank you for your continued support.

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Time-saving effects of fermentation

Aug. 28, 2023

The Intestinal Flora Transplant Clinical Research Group found that when companies used hydrogen NanoGAS® water instead of water from a water purifier to make fermented seasonings such as shiomame and sweet koji, the fermentation process took half the usual time. Furthermore, the results of making amazake with hydrogen NanoGAS® water and purified water and comparing the sugar content at each elapsed time are shown below. Follow me!

Development of skin lotion

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A clinic developed a skin lotion using NanoGAS® water as a solvent. They are very pleased with the magical water that contains no additives and micellizes (emulsifies) even oil. The doctor’s blog introduced “Aiboshi Lotion,” a skin lotion using NanoGAS®, and we quote a portion of the article below. Since the flora of the skin is most important to us, we avoided as much as possible skin care with additives that damage the flora. Recently, there have been an increasing number of wonderful products containing cytokines for cell regeneration, which I appreciate to a certain extent, but I am inevitably concerned about the additives.In fact, when I used the product,...

Effect of yeast growth

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A company that produces an enzyme drink that is cultured and fermented from live wild yeast bacteria used NanoGAS® water as the base water for an enzyme drink and was surprised by the results. I would like to quote a portion of your blog. We simply placed Tomimoto Enzyme solution (300ml), which was about 9 months old, in Synbiosys Hydrogen NanoGAS Water (1700ml) and continued the test for one month, and to our surprise, the yeast bacteria grew. Enzyme Science is now in its 71st year, and for 70 years we have asked everyone to drink it in one full day when diluted with water or soda water. However, when...

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