New Possibilities for Nanopico Bubbles that don't disappear after 10 years
New Possibilities for Nanopico
Bubbles that don't disappear after 10 years

What is NanoGAS®?

By generating bubbles of less than 1μm (micrometer) nanosize in a liquid and changing the gas trapped inside, NanoGAS® has been confirmed to be highly effective in preserving food and improving cleaning performance.

Invisible tiny bubbles have applications in a variety of industrial fields.

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Examples of Usage

Symbiosis Inc. has achieved long-term stability of bubbles with its revolutionary patented technology, and verification tests have proven that bubbles remain even in samples 10 years old.

The number of bubbles, density, and long-term stability of the technology are overwhelming, and it is being applied in various fields such as for cleaning, increasing dissolution efficiency, antimicrobial purposes, dds, and physiological activities.

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Paid Samples

Long-term storage and transportation available. From PET bottles to 1-ton tanks, we can provide samples according to your application.


"Monotone" automatic purification system for bacterial solution

Focusing on the world’s first automated purification of bacterial solution for gut flora transplantation, we have developed “Monotone”, an automated bacterial solution purification device, with the aim of purifying bacterial solution for transplantation in an environment as close to the intestinal tract as possible. Patent pending.


Joint research and technical cooperation

We specialize in advancing technology by putting everything we have into research and development.

Please contact us if you are considering joint development, technical cooperation, or utilization of our technology.



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