Time-saving effects of fermentation


The Intestinal Flora Transplant Clinical Research Group found that when companies used hydrogen NanoGAS® water instead of water from a water purifier to make fermented seasonings such as shiomame and sweet koji, the fermentation process took half the usual time. Furthermore, the results of making amazake with hydrogen NanoGAS® water and purified water and comparing the sugar content at each elapsed time are shown below.

Development of skin lotion


A clinic developed a skin lotion using NanoGAS® water as a solvent. They are very pleased with the magical water that contains no additives and micellizes (emulsifies) even oil. The doctor’s blog introduced “Aiboshi Lotion,” a skin lotion using NanoGAS®, and we quote a portion of the article below. Since the flora of the skin is most important to us, we avoided as much as possible skin care with additives that damage the flora. Recently, there have been an increasing number of wonderful products containing cytokines for cell regeneration, which I appreciate to a certain extent, but I am inevitably concerned about the additives.In fact, when I used the product,...

Effect of yeast growth


A company that produces an enzyme drink that is cultured and fermented from live wild yeast bacteria used NanoGAS® water as the base water for an enzyme drink and was surprised by the results. I would like to quote a portion of your blog. We simply placed Tomimoto Enzyme solution (300ml), which was about 9 months old, in Synbiosys Hydrogen NanoGAS Water (1700ml) and continued the test for one month, and to our surprise, the yeast bacteria grew. Enzyme Science is now in its 71st year, and for 70 years we have asked everyone to drink it in one full day when diluted with water or soda water. However, when...

Intestinal Microbiota Transplantation Treatment .


The Intestinal Flora Transplantation Clinical Research Group utilizes NanoGAS®︎ water as a solvent for intestinal flora transplantation therapy and has performed transplants and treated approximately 500 patients with a wide variety of conditions including inflammatory bowel disease, autism spectrum disorder, and allergies due to its functional properties. (As of February 2023) 【Medical treatment】 Utilized for intestinal microflora transplantation treatment → more than about 500 cases treated NanoGAS®︎ difference between aqueous and saline bacterial solutions NanoGAS®︎ water solution is superior to saline solution in terms of high fixation (efficient fixation of bacteria in the intestinal tract) and short time (fixation can be achieved in a short time with a concentration gradient...

Ingredient Extraction Effect – Glutamic Acid


Research on glutamic acid extraction was conducted at Symbiosis, Inc. A kelp broth was prepared with dried kelp andH2NanoGAS® wateror mineral water at room temperature…. Significant differences in glutamic acid extraction were observed. The main reason is thought to be that the water bubbles from the water NanoGAS®︎ enter the dried and broken kelp cells, and more of the ingredients can be extracted without heat or pressure.

Anti-rust effect (verification of antioxidant capacity)


Research on the anti-corrosion effect of NanoGAS® was conducted at Symbiosis, Inc. (from left to right)・Tap water 50ml・Hydrogen NanoGAS® water (undiluted) 50ml・Ozone NanoGAS® water (undiluted) 50ml Iron pieces were simultaneously added to the three liquids, and the progress of rusting was recorded for one year. Iron pieces soaked in tap water for one year rusted brown, but neither hydrogen NanoGAS® water (without dilution) nor ozone NanoGAS® water (without dilution) showed brown rust on the iron pieces. NanoGAS® water has a low oxidation-reduction potential, which means that iron does not rust easily.

Effects of fermentation, brewing, and extraction


Research on the effects of fermentation, brewing, and extraction with NanoGAS® was conducted at Symbiosis, Inc. Normally, yeasts do not grow visibly large in a short time, but with NanoGAS water, fermentation proceeded in two days.This means that the brewing period for miso, soy sauce, alcohol, etc. is expected to be shortened.

Antimicrobial effect (joint research with School of Nutrition, Kobe Gakuin University)


A study was conducted at Symbiosis, Inc. on the viability of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. NanoGAS®︎ showed a significant decrease at 6 hours forE. coli and a significant decrease at 3 hours forStaphylococcus aureus. The paper on “Suspension Sterilization Effectiveness of NanoGAS®︎” can be found at

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